"Glason® did what other companies boasted about but could not deliver!"

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WonderSeal™ is a non silicone, penetrative sealant designed for use on porous natural surfaces. The product is actually a highly refined and polymerised aluminium compound in a turpentine base. This unique formulation allows the product to penetrate deep within the substrate whilst still allowing it to 'breath'.

It is this unique principal that severely limits the formation of mould, moss and lichen growth while limiting the ingress of waterborne pollutants in treated stone, masonry and timber.

Unlike conventional coatings, WonderSeal™AF will penetrate deep into the pores of the surface (up to 25mm in sandstone) and cannot wear off regardless of traffic and climatic conditions, giving the user considerable service life. Because of this penetrative action, most surfaces will be left looking totally natural with no tell-tale gloss or finish.

This product is not a surface coating as it doesn't change the appearance of the surface, nor does it effect the coefficient of friction.

WonderSeal™ can be painted over if required using a highly quality waterborne acrylic, oil stain or paint.sydney aquatic centre

Glason did what other companies boasted about but could not deliver.
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1. Surface should be clean, sound and totally dry to allow the product to penetrate as deep as possible.

2. Allow 48 hours after cleaning or rain before application.

3. DO NOT apply over other coatings.

4. Remove any moss, mould, salt, efflorescence or any other contaminants prior to application.

5. Use in above ground areas only. This product was not designed to withstand hydrostatic pressure.

6. We advise that a sample area be treated prior to full scale application to assess the products suitability for your needs.

Use neat.


1. WonderSeal™ can be applied by brush, roller or dipping. Airless or knapsack spray systems may also be used, however care should be taken to ensure that adequate safety equipment is used. Please refer to our MSDS for further information.

2. Saturate surface well. On floor or paving areas, soak up or spread any excess or pools after 15 minutes.

3. When applying by spray to walls, start from the top and allow at least 125mm run down.

4. DO NOT apply using compressed air spray equipment as this type of application is wasteful of product and causes excessive vapour emission.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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